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- Place in treats or kibble from the top and bottom flaps, and then as your dog plays, the holes on the sides dispense the treats gradually.
- Rubber-like material keeps hardwood floors and fragile furniture from getting scratched, while staying durable to doggy jaws.
- This is NOT a chew toy. Supervise your dog while playing.

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- Start with small treats or kibble that fall out easily so your dog is quickly rewarded for playing.
- Show them how it works by rolling it around and having treats fall out in front of them.
- As they get better at it, upgrade to larger treats to increase difficulty.
- Take it away if they start gnawing or ripping at the toy and show them again to just roll the toy.
- Attach 2 or more toys together to change the way it rolls and bounces.

- 3.6in x 3.3in x 3.8in
- Made of TPR (non-toxic, BPA free, pthalate free, latex free)
- Made in China

Rinse with soapy water or use top rack of dish washer

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"Took a while to find a toy that was great for my husky. He pretty much mastered this thing now but he still gets very excited for The Odin. I'm planning to buy another and see if it gets harder for him. The treats do fall easily which is good for lazy dogs like mine who gives up after a while."

"My Corgi LOVES Odin. He gets his breakfast in it every day. When he used to get it in the bowl, he would finish it in about 30 seconds. Now he rolls the Odin around for about 10 minutes to get his breakfast and he really looks forward to this.  If you have a dog that loves games and could use the mental stimulation I recommend this."

"My two pups love this toy. The design provides them with a stimulating but rewarding challenge. Best of all it is quiet on hardwood floors. The shape of the holes prevents the treats from easily “rolling” out when the edge lays flat. Overall this toy is awesome and I will definitely buy another."

"This is the best food toy we've ever bought. Our 6-pound chihuahuas love them (we bought two), and so do we. This is the only treat/food toy we've found that they can manipulate, but that never rolls under the couch/TV stand/etc. Finally - we can just let them eat/play without having to be there to retrieve the toy every 10 seconds. It's just tricky enough to give them stimulation, but dispenses food often enough to keep their interest."